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We also suggest exploring through hiking trails the beautiful nature of Monemvasia. The visitor has the choice of routes that introduce him to small traditional villages as well as the seaside. In all of them the visitor will meet small masterpieces of nature, as well as monuments of cultural heritage such as Byzantine churches and traditional watermills. The suggested routes are:


Monemvasia Trail Saint Nicholas (Level of difficulty 3)


Through a magnificent 3-hour hike from Monemvasia, we reach the Byzantine Church of Saint Nicholas (In the square of the homonymous small and picturesque village). This route, at its initial stage, is uphill and the view towards the Monemvasia Castle is breathtaking. Then, following the old path (which is mainly a cobbled road) through the mountain, where there is a middle vegetation, after a relatively easy and pleasant journey, we arrive near the village. Passing from the rural road that crosses the estates, we reach the village of Saint Nicholas.

In the square of Saint Nicholas, we will visit the rare beauty and historical value of the 11th century church, which is adorned by one-of-a-kind Byzantine icons. It holds a beautiful courtyard area, ideal for relaxation, where we will provide you with fresh orange juice and a time to rest before transferring to the Liotrivi Mansion. At the Mansion you will have the chance to take a tour of the Olive Museum and complete your journey with a deliciously satisfying local traditional meal prepared with the freshest of ingredients.


Program duration: 5 hours

Cost provided upon request and depends on selected package

The program includes:

mountain guide, 1 per 20 people

guided tours to the Olive Museum and the Church

Break Time with bottled water and freshly-squeezed Orange Juice

A specially selected full 4-course traditional meal in the historic and well-known Liotrivi Restaurant


Can be combined with other activities such as:

Olive and Olive Oil tasting        Bread Making

Wine tasting


Talanta to Harahia (level of difficulty 2)


A fascinating route with lots of variety for the hiker, starring from the picturesque village of Talanta with its mountain gorge known as The Bali Gorge and ends by the sea. While crossing the small canyon, we find ruins of the 11 watermills that once existed in the area and primarily the 3rd, which was restored in 2006. This is a 2-hour journey, which leads to the sea, and more specifically to the beach of Harahia, one of the most famous beaches of Monemvasia and suitable for an enjoyable swim.

At the very start of our journey, after 500 m of cobbled streets, we will visit the water mill of Talanta (short tour), where you will be welcomed by Barba Yiannis, the last miller of the mill, who for 60 years has been grinding the wheat he cultivates in his land, in the same original way. Barba Yianni will entertain you as he entrusts you with all the secrets of his work and his many stories , while observing him grind the wheat.

Then we will descend the gorge, an easy route between ancient plane trees and running water, which becomes a bit difficult while crossing the reeds and shrubs of the local flora. On the beach of Harahi, where the route ends, a much-needed break time awaits you while being served fresh orange. After a short rest, we will be transferred to the Historic Mansion of Liotrivi for a tour of the Olive Museum and a rich meal


Program duration: 4 hours

Cost provided upon request and depends on selected package


The program includes:

mountain guide, 1 per 20 people

guided tours to the Olive Museum and the Water Mill

Break Time with bottled water and freshly-squeezed Orange Juice

A special full 4-course traditional meal in the historic and well-known Liotrivi Restaurant


Can be combined with other activities such as

Olive and Olive Oil tasting

Wine tasting

Bread Baking




In the beautiful area of Monemvasia ,where the rural activity is not only rich, but also part of the tradition and the local culture, we organize personalized agrotouristic activities according to the season and the interests of our clients. Harvest activities set the tone, and visitors are welcome to join in this celebration of the land!


Grape-Harvesting Day

An activity exclusively for the period from the end of August to about September 20th, which includes participation in the harvest, our vineyards and observing the process of production of must in our winery.

Olive-Picking Day

The period for this activity is from November 1st to about January 20nd. It includes participation in the collection of olives in our olive groves, a visit to the olive press and exploring the process of production of pure virgin olive oil.


Olive Oil Day

This activity, which can be held throughout the year, includes a visit to our olive grove, a visit to the olive press of the village, a tour of the olive oil museum at our mansion, olive & olive oil tasting and dinner in the beautiful, traditional Liotrivi Restaurant, with exquisite dishes exclusively prepared with our pure virgin olive oil, and the freshest “0km” ingredients (gathered from farms located in the immediate surrounding area)


Wine Day

A wonderful experience for wine lovers is our day of wine, which can be held throughout the year, and includes a visit to our vineyard, a visit to the winery, wine tasting of local wines, and “Wine Pairing” (5 unique wines harmonically paired with 5 exquisite dishes).



In the wider area of Monemvasia, well known for its unique natural wealth and its rich flora (over 25,000 species of plants recorded), as well as the numerous monuments of nature and culture found there, we organize for small groups and individuals, exploratory excursions, specially tailored for our clients, reflecting their needs and interests, which are led by our experienced mountain and nature guides, who keep safety in mind for our guests.

In autumn and winter, the ideal choices are searching for rare mushrooms, such as truffles, while during the Spring season you can admire the rare wild flowers of the areas (50 or more officially recorded) but also the herbs of the area that form an important part of the flora of the Laconian Earth as well as contribute to traditional and alternative medicine practice.

Laconia Bay, and in particular the beaches of Monemvasia area, is one of the most important shelters of the protected turtle kareta kareta in Greece. This rare species stands out for its red-brown shell and its large head, can reach 1.25 meters in height and 180 kg in weight. Sea pollution, intensive fishing and the destruction of beaches has jeopardized its survival in recent years. Female turtles place their eggs on specific sandy beaches, where, after 50-75 days of incubation, small turtles crossing the sand are born to return to the water.







Taking full advantage of the favorable weather conditions that occur in our area from early spring until the end of autumn, the breath-taking beaches with crystal clear waters, and our remarkable facilities, we organize several day wellness and sea packages, which include a wonderful range of activities such as yoga, swimming and relaxing on the beaches of the Laconian Gulf or the Myrtoan Sea, combined with evening experiences, dinner at Liotrivi Historical Mansion, and excursions to the sights of the surrounding area.



“Rest and Restoration for the Body and Soul…”