Cooking Class

  • Duration: 5 Hours
  • Location: Athens
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Short description

Get ready to find out the secrets of Greek cuisine and get your juices flowing by making your own traditional Greek dishes! Greek ambrosia will lead you through a culinary adventure full of colors and rich flavors, while experiencing the famous Greek hospitality. Enjoy the perfect Greek meal in a convivial atmosphere and gain a new skill-set to take back in your own kitchen.

Are you ready for an entertaining journey to the world of Greek gastronomy?


What to expect

Your Greek Ambrosia experience kicks off with a tour in the Athenian heaven for gastronomic geeks: the central market of Athens (Varvakeios). Get the true feeling of the Greek land and all of its riches, while wandering among colorful stalls filled with fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, fish, meat and all kinds of the freshest food that Greece can offer. Pluck ingredients and get your five senses into a game full of color and flavor!

Packed up with Greek goodies, walk your way to a historic traditional restaurant where your adventure will reach its peak. In a specially designed private space, go behind the scenes to explore the earthly magic of the Greek kitchen and warm up with a shot of raki, right before you engage yourself in a hands-on cooking class of traditional Greek recipes.

Get your hands dirty and prepare Greek appetizers like tzatziki and cheese pie; make your own authentic Greek salad and work on a specially selected main course always under the guidance of our expert chef. At the end, your adventure will take you through the enjoyment of savoring what you’ve made served with homemade wine and the best company.

Our last gift to you? A souvenir scroll with all the recipes you worked on during Greek Ambrosia!

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