• Duration: 7 DAYS
  • Location: Greece, Turkey
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Follow the Steps of Saint Paul

A pilgrimage to the lands where the“Apostle of Nations” preached. Experience awe and spiritual awakening in a true journey to some of the most important Christian sites in Greece and Turkey.

Day 1 Friday
Athens (Lavrion) Departure at 17:00
Day 2 Saturday
Thessaloniki – Arrival at 8:00 / Departure at 18:00

This is Greece’s “second largest city” also known as the “Bride of the Thermaic Gulf. “The Apostle John preached here during the winter of 49-50 – he wrote two Epistles for the ancient Thessalonians and founded the area’s first church. The ruins of this ancient church lie near the Arch of Galerius and Rotunda; nearby are the city walls, the house of Jason and the ancient forum. We’ll also visit Veroia, a small city southwest of Thessaloniki, whose patron saint is Saint Paul. Here you may “touch” the Tribune of Saint Paul, the site where it’s believed Paul preached the gospel to the inhabitants of Veroia, also home to the Church of the Resurrection of Christ the Savior (Anastasis), the Church of Christ.

Day 3 Sunday
Kavala –Arrival at 8:00 / Departure at 16:00

The biblical Neapolis, Kavala is built amphitheatrically on the slopes of Mt. Symvolo and is one of the most picturesque cities in Greece. Just outside the city, at Philippi, Saint Paul preached his first sermon in Europe. Philippi is also where the Saint baptized the first Christian in Europe, the “woman by the name of Lydia.” We will also visit the prison where Saints Paul and Silas were held.

Day 4 Monday
Istanbul – Arrival at 9:30 / Departure at 20:00

Magical Istanbul is one of the world’s great cities, home to the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia, the Greek Patriarchate, the lovely fountain and gardens of Sultanahmet Square and the incredible Grand Bazaar (61 covered streets!). Built along the Bosphorus, where Europe meets Asia, this is the only city in the world that straddles two continents. It is a modern city, one of the world’s most populous, with a plethora of museums and to Turkey’s oldest university, which was founded in 1453. In 1930 the Turkish state renamed Constantinople “Istanbul,” which comes from and translates the Greek phrase, in the Doric dialect, “to the City/is tin poli.”

Day 5 Tuesday
Dikili (Turkey) Arrival at 12:00 / Departure at 20:00

Dikili is a coastal town in the Turkish province of Izmir directly across from the Greek island of Mitilini. A popular northern Aegean tourist resort, Dikili is famed for the golden sands of its “Blue Flag” beaches, therapeutic springs, and its rich history.

Day 6 Wednesday
Kusadasi (Turkey) Arrival at 08:00 / Departure at 23:30

The white sand beaches of quiet Kusadasi, a former fishing village on the Turkish coast, are a short, scenic drive from Ancient Ephesus and the Terrace Houses, the House of the Virgin Mary, beautiful Sirince Village and the thrilling metropolis of Izmir, about 60 miles to the north. Kusadasi is also home to Adaland, one of the world’s largest and best water parks, and one of the best covered bazaars on the Turkish coast. Kusadasi, which means “pigeon island” in Turkish, is renowned for its covered bazaar, where you’ll find antique furniture, carpets, jewelry, natural cosmetics, and spices…just be sure you’re willing to engage in some good-natured bargaining!

Day 7 Thursday
Patmos – Arrival at 06:30 / Departure at 11:30

The holy island of Patmos is sometimes referred to as “the Jerusalem of the Aegean.”On approaching the port of Skala from the sea your first sight is the massive medieval walls of the monastery, which stand guard over white-washed Chora, the island’s hilltop capital. Chora itself, the Grotto, and the monastery are all UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Syros – Arrival at18:00 / Departure at 23:30

Syros is the capital of Cyclades and once the center of all trade activities. You can still see and admire the mansions built by the island’s bankers, merchants and ship owners. Ermoupolis is a beautiful city with cobbled streets, two hills, the orthodox and the catholic one staring at each other and a magnificent central square that is definitely worth visiting.

Day 8 Friday
Athens (Lavrion) Arrival at 06:00