• Duration: 7 DAYS
  • Location: Greece, Turkey
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7 Day Cruise “Idyllic Aegean”

Day 1 Greece

Athens (Piraeus): Departure at 12:00

The bustling port of Piraeus, made famous by classic films like Never On Sunday and Stella, is a brief Metro or taxi ride from Athens. This vibrant, cosmopolitan, historically rich city is dense with ancient monuments, chic cafés and unique shops.


Syros: Arrival at 18:00 / Departure at 23:30

Perhaps the most “Greek” of the Cyclades, sublime, unspoiled Syros is known as the “Lady of the Cyclades” and the Island of the Pope, “L’isola del papa,” in the 17th century, thanks to a large Catholic population whose descendants still make their home here. The Lighthouse of Syros, built entirely of stone in 1834 and 30 meters high, has the oldest rotating beacon in the Aegean. This is a luminous, sophisticated island. Its allure, rural and urban, seaside and hillside, is irresistible. Ermoupolis is a beautiful city with cobbled streets, two hills, the orthodox and the catholic one staring at each other and a magnificent central square that is definitely worth visiting.


Day 2 Turkey

Cesme: Arrival at 07:00 / Departure at 22:00

A short sail from the island of Chios, are the dazzling sugar-sand beaches of Cesme. The Cesme Archaeological Museum is housed in Cesme Castle, a fascinating structure built in the early 1500s. In front of the castle you’ll find a statue of Admiral Cezayirli Gazi Hasan Pasha, petting his favorite lion. He was participant in the Battle of Cesme in 1770. A short stroll from the castle brings you to an Ottoman caravanserai (a large inn with a courtyard for caravans) built in 1528 and now a luxury hotel, and to the Church of Saint Charalambos, which dates to the 19th century and is now an exhibition space.


Day 3 Greece

Kos: Arrival at 07:00 / Departure at 18:00

The third-largest island in the Dodecanese, the green isle of Kos is the birthplace of Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine. Since prehistory, what its inhabitants have called the “Island of Hippocrates” has been renowned for its rich soil since antiquity, and its people are part of an agrarian culture that reaches back to the 4th century BC Today much of the island’s population works in its burgeoning tourism industry, which is supported by an excellent infrastructure that features some of the Aegean’s most extensive and bicycle paths.

Day 4 Greece

Ios: Arrival at 07:00 / Departure at 14:30

Home to the pre-historic settlement of Skarkos, and 365 churches – you’ll find many of them on the sun-soaked hillsides of Hora. Surrender to the sun and the sea at beautiful Manganari Beach on the south coast, or join us for the trek north to the Tomb of Homer.


Santorini: Arrival at 16:30 / Departure at 21:00

Santorini is as you have always imagined her, as you have always dreamt. Bright white buildings adorned with blue shutters and doors cascade down the edge of her cliffs, staring back at the sun as it descends into the Aegean. It will leave you breathless. Wander around this beautiful island ot take a mini cruise to Santorini’s smaller islands and volcanoes. If archeology and history are your passions, visit the Akrotiri Village excavations. Or just sit in a café in spectacular Oia Village and watch the sunset. There is nowhere else on earth like Santorini, the Queen of the Cyclades. She will leave you breathless.

Everything about this island is unique – its red earth, its white, black, and red beaches. You’ll find more than 600 churches, cave settlements, classic whitewashed Cycladic houses that seem as if they’ve been scrubbed clean and bleached by the sun, traditional windmills, thrilling nightlife, and some of the warmest, most cheerful people in the Greek Islands. This is a mystical, primal, seductive place. You’ll feel it even as you stand on the deck of your ship as you approach the incredible caldera and come face to face with the island’s sunbaked vertical cliffs. An excursion anywhere in Santorini is like a visit to the sky. Its light and colors will dazzle you.


Day 5 Greece

Athens (Lavrion): Arrival at 07:00 / Departure at 13:00

60 kilometres from Athens, Lavrion is a bustling port and is an ancient silver mining center. The city’s silver mines date to prehistory and a bustling port. From here you can tour the following.


Mykonos: Arrival at 18:00 / Departure at 23:59

We welcome you to the centre of the Cyclades, chic, cosmopolitan picture-perfect Mykonos! The island is renowned for its magnificent beaches, the lovely rolling hills of its countryside, and its world famous windmills! A jet set vacation destination since the 1950s, the island’s pulsating nightlife is revered worldwide. Between its secluded beaches, serene hillsides, gourmet restaurants and its crowded dance floors Mykonos is a dream from which few wish to be awakened. It’s a symphony of disparate but harmonious notes.

Day 6 Turkey

Kusadasi: Arrival at 07:00 / Departure at 13:00

The area has been a center of art and culture since some of the earliest recorded history, and has been settled by many civilizations since being founded in 3000 BC. Kusadasi is currently one of the finest is resort town on the Aegean coast. The white sand beaches of quiet Kusadasi, a former fishing village on the Turkish coast, are a short, scenic drive from Ancient Ephesus and the Terrace Houses, the House of the Virgin Mary, beautiful Sirince Village and the thrilling metropolis of Izmir, about 60 miles to the north. Kusadasi is also home to Adaland, one of the world’s largest and best water parks, and one of the best covered bazaars on the Turkish coast.


Samos: Arrival at 15:30 / Departure at 22:30

Welcome to the birthplace of Hera, to the island of Pythagoras, Epicurus, Aristarchus and possibly Aesop. On Samos you can feed your mind at the Samos Archeological Museum, home to the Kouros of Samos, a 6th century BC statue, or join us for a traditional Samian feast. Interested in a tour of the island in a 4×4 Jeep? Or would you prefer to conquer a sunbed on Tsamadou Beach, or to windsurf in Kokkari? Welcome to a little island (the eighth-largest in Greece) that gives you big options, one that’s home to a thousand churches.


Day 7 Greece

Milos: Arrival at 09:00 / Departure at 20:00

Milos is a volcanic island and home to the greatest number of beaches in the Cyclades. Since antiquity, the island’s mineral wealth has driven its economy, and during your time on this unique, horseshoe-shaped island you’ll come across dozens of mines and quarries. Step back in time as you discover this geological marvel


Day 8 Greece

Return Athens (Piraeus): Arrival at 07:00


7 day route map