Wine Tasting

  • Duration: 4 Hours
  • Location: Athens
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Short description

Join us for a private wine tasting experience near Athens and see Greek wine-making at its best! Visit an environment-friendly winery in Attica and discover the aromatics of local grape varieties as they are voiced through a range of well-cared-for wines. Pair your wine tasting with Greek sides to enhance the experience of your palate and let yourself indulge in the convivial atmosphere of the place!

What to expect

Not even an hour away from Athens city center, you will find yourself in a historical vineyard close to Attica coastline. Whether you are a wine connoisseur or just a traveler looking for local flavors, this wine-tasting experience will fully cover your expectations. Get to see a winery with a long history since 1919 and wine-making facilities constructed according to innovative bioclimatic standards.

You will taste at least five different wines and you will match them with Greek delicacies served, such as local cheese, olives and rusks. Let a professional wine specialist to introduce you to local grape ranges and help you taste on your own what makes the Greek wine so special. You will be directed step by step how to recognize the different aromas of local wine varieties and you will come to see that Greek wine is like the people of this land: authentic and passionate.


Travel in the comfort of modern and cozy vehicles

Explore a winery with a long history in wine-making

Enjoy an educating wine-tasting experience under the guidance of an expert wine specialist

Taste five to nine different wines paired with Greek delicacies

Distinguish the different colors and styles of local wine

Spot the distinctive characteristics of the wine produce in Attica region, such as Savatiano and Malagousia

Discover-all-the-secrets-of-a-Greek-winery Explore-an-impressive-vineyard-close-to-Athens Time-for-wine-tasting